Noiseblocker FanSpeed Controller

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Noiseblocker FanSpeed Controller Review


Noiseblocker is a german company and has a small line-up of products consisting mainly of products which aim to make your computer ‘silent’.

Today we have another product from Noiseblocker in favor of a Fan Speed Controller.

Noiseblocker’s FanSpeed Controller features:

  • Fits in PCI slot
  • High-quality 100 ohm of Potentiometer
  • Metal Knob for a Stepless Regulation
  • Range: 7V -11V
  • Fans up to 3 Watts of Capacity
  • Retail Packaging
  • 3 years warranty
  • Designed in Germany


The FanSpeed Controller arrives in vacuum formed plastic packaging with a card backing. This packaging is fine as it protects the Noiseblocker well and isn’t oversized; so it doesn’t waste valuable plastic- making it kind of eco-friendly.

Noiseblocker FanSpeed Controller Review

On the back of the packaging is a short list of product features and manufacturer contact information.

Noiseblocker FanSpeed Controller Review

Inside the plastic packaging is the Noiseblocker FanSpeed Controller.

The Noiseblocker FanSpeed Controller

The Fan Speed Controller is candy blue in colour and has a machined aluminium knob which is brushed at the sides and on the top.

Noiseblocker FanSpeed Controller Review Noiseblocker FanSpeed Controller Review

The variable resistor on this product connects- using a negative and positive line- to the 12 volt input from the three pin motherboard connector. The output voltage from the variable resistor comes from another three pin connector, the fan then connects to this.

Noiseblocker FanSpeed Controller Review

Testing and Installation

To test the fan speed controller, I installed it to a spare PCI slot on my case, plugged it into the three pin rear connector on my motherboard and then connected the rear fan to the Noiseblocker. As you can guess, installation was very straight forward and could have been done by a basic user.

I then adjusted the fan speed using the Noiseblocker controller, with this noise levels dropped considerably.


Noiseblocker’s FanSpeed Controller is a nice simple product, which certainly does what it’s supposed to do – reduce speed, thus reduce noise.

Even though it’s only a speed controller, this product is actually of very good quality; with the robust aluminium knob and the candy blue finish.

Price wise, the Noiseblocker retails at around £2- though I’ve seen it for £1.50. This is a very good price and a small amount of money to pay for a much quieter computer.

So if you’re looking to reduce the noise levels of your fans with a simple install and without having to spend £15+ on new fans, I recommend you buy yourself some of these Noiseblocker FanSpeed Controllers.


  • Good Quality
  • Does its job well
  • Robust
  • Decent Cable length
  • Nice Price


  • Could have voltage labels on dial