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XTracPads Pro Review


The quest has been on in recent times to find the ultimate gaming surface. The criterion is clear: a smooth surface, high tracking, comfortable, grippy, and large enough for frantic movements. Here at Tech-Reviews we’ve been privileged enough to review most of XTracPads product range and they have so far all been superb products. With this in mind, Chris at XTracPads has crafted the Pro and sent it to us for review.

About XTracPads

XTracPads is a company that was started by a group of hardcore gamers in 2002 and specializes in designing high-end mouse surfaces and accessories for mainly gamers.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 8.5”x11”x1/8”thick
  • Super Soft cloth surface
  • Hexagon pattern for enhance tracking
  • Sure grip rubber backing
  • Easy to clean


The packaging in true XTracPads style; simple and clear.

The Pro comes delivered in a sturdy cardboard envelope style packaging with a photo of the pro rolled up on the front. Also on the front of the packaging is a hole so you can feel the pad within.

XTracPads Pro Review

The rear of the packaging is simple and states the product specifications and has a couple of comments made by other sites about the mouse mat.

XTracPads Pro Review

The XtracPads Pro

Upon removing the Pro from the packaging it was clear to me that this mat was about to win an extra star on its rating for flexibility.

It is relatively well sized but admittedly is vastly smaller than its siblings such as the fat mat or the hammer.

XTracPads Pro Review

The cloth surface is super smooth and the mouse glides silently and effortlessly over it.

It has Xtrac pads trademark hexagonal styling for increased tracking and accuracy. On the right hand side there is a black strip with the company name and a link to their website.

XTracPads Pro Review

The pad is undoubtedly a very attractive product and is comfortable too, even if it is only 1/8” thick.

XTracPads Pro Review

The mouse mat also comes with an Xtrac pads sticker for those who want that little extra freebie with their purchase.

XTracPads Pro Review

The surface, I can only describe as perfect, it allows the mouse to glide in a way much like the Pro HS that we reviewed. This is a great lure for gamers as effortless glide means better game play.

The maker or breaker for many when it comes to buying a mouse mat is whether the mat can be rolled up. At Tech-Reviews we know that for easy transportation to LAN parties the mat must roll up. The Pro does this perfectly so another great plus for games on that front then.

XTracPads Pro Review

The cloth used to coat the top of the mat appears to be fray resistant and doesn’t lift at all from the rubber base. The cloth also wipes clean easily which is another good point on an ever-growing list.

The base is sure-grip rubber meaning it will not slide when being used like many poor quality mats do. The base does however pick up dirt quickly and easily but it simply falls off when that mat is shaken.

XTracPads Pro Review


The Pro has so far been flawless so let’s see if it can perform as well in-game as it does before use.

To test the mat I am using the Cyber Snipa Stinger, which I’ll have a review for in a few days time.

XTracPads Pro Review

I will be playing on our favourite games here at Tech-Reviews: Battlefield 2 and Serious Sam to try and get a gauge of the mats tracking and performance in game.

In game on Battlefield 2 I found the pad to provide greater accuracy that the Evo-G did and have no over movements of inaccuracies, perhaps the greatest plus of all?

In Serious Sam I found the enemies to pose less of a threat in intense situations as that Pro’s superior tracking allows for greater accuracy and more response to the mouse.

For standard windows use such as web-browsing I found the XTracPad to be great as it provides comfort with functionality. The fact that this pad is a great all rounder is a definite advantage.


The Pro retails at around $8.95, which unless I’m mistaken, is equal to about £4.50 so it’s definitely not expensive for such a great performer.


The Pro has constantly delivered accuracy and comfort throughout its use; XTracPads have done it again and created another super mousing surface.

If you are in the market for a new pad I would definitely recommend this pad to anyone gamers or otherwise.


  • Good Price
  • Performance
  • Can be rolled easily
  • Uber tracking
  • Accurate
  • Suitable to all uses


  • None
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